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Kerageous Individuals: Dr. Kalila Boden

A famous author once declared, "Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Mark Twain’s quote has resonated with many throughout the years, but could never be truer than for the new entrepreneur. These same words inspired our next “Being Kerageous” honouree, Dr. Kalila Bodden (aka Dr. K.) of Healthy Life Hack, to make a life changing leap. Being an entrepreneur is more than just blogging in a coffee shop. Entrepreneurship is truly an epic adventure, not unlike your favourite fantasy trilogy. There is usually an unseemly heroine, who must journey far from her home to save the world. She is tasked with overcoming fearful obstacles and dreaded monsters that she would never, in her wildest dreams, have thought she could defeat. Whether she succeeds or fails at each encounter, she must wear the battle wounds and respect the knowledge that has been earned. The best part about the adventure? When she finally arrives at the finale – and she does make it because real heroines never give up – she vanquishes the villain and saves the world. When she eventually returns home, she notices the quiet confidence that she now carries within her. Ultimately, she has completed her quest and, in the process, become a different person – stronger, braver and more resilient. She has learned to appreciate the smaller joys in life and is grateful that she has the opportunity to experience them with a new understanding. This absolutely demonstrates how new entrepreneurs grow and mature during the entrepreneurial journey. The entrepreneur realizes that each decision comes with a consequence, and it is only when she is ready to pay the price can she move forward and grow. In essence, what some may view as an impossible journey, the ambitious entrepreneur recognizes as a pool of possibilities and jumps right in. That’s how we see Dr. Kalila Bodden of Healthy Life Hack, the growing online wellness community. We know Kalila to be someone who acknowledges her choices and responsibility for leading her best life, and takes action towards achieving her goals.  We are truly inspired by her authenticity, as well as the growth she is bringing for herself and all of us through her demonstrated values of health, happiness and wisdom. We met Kalila 16+ years ago, and at each juncture in her life she has challenged the norms and status quo. She has demonstrated real courage by making bold life changing decisions through self-reflection, information-gathering and leaning on her experiences.  Essentially, she makes a determination to move forward even when the options available seem like insurmountable obstacles.  She does so because she trusts that the long-term benefit of following and sharing her passion will have a greater impact on the world. She recognizes that we cannot truly become great until we have practiced, failed and overcome our fears when pursuing our passions. Dr. K. and Healthy Life Hack are all about everyday wellness. She explores various wellness recommendations, researches the scientific evidence behind them and then looks to experience them herself in order to share her insight with others. She also offers wellness coaching for those looking to adopt simple habits that make a massive impact on their life, health and wellness. Her clients learn to master the successful mindset for confidently living a healthier, happier and wiser life. The authentic modeling of the Healthy Life Hack wellness lifestyle is another reason we acknowledge Kalila as “Being Kerageous”.  We have a lot of respect for entrepreneurs that start by improving themselves and then helping others, because we know that the businesses will only grow as much as the entrepreneurs leading them are willing to develop themselves. So a big thank you to Dr. Kalila Bodden for being Kerageous, and in inspiring us to live the life we truly want (even though, at times, it feels like the journey is teeming with fearful obstacles).  What you show us in the way you live, share, and trust your passion for wellness; is that it’s possible to have it all by being brave enough to live our authentic self.


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