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Tired of ideas not being realized?

Find it challenging to drive implementation?

Ideas are easy. 

Implementation happens everyday;

being brave enough to consistently work with both

is where value is created.​

Even your best ideas mean very little without implementation; and a plan for implementation that isn't focused on your best idea
will lead to wasted resources. Makes sense, right?    

In business, ideas (i.e. strategies) are often things we talk about once a year, or write 5 year plans about, and then file away in a drawer never to be visited again.


And implementation (i.e. operations)? Well, that's just a bunch of day-to-day tactics that we complete on auto-pilot because the work showed up on our desk and that must mean it needs to be done.

This is what leads us to feel busy in our "hamster wheel" of a workday, and often times compromises the desired results of our businesses.

Through years of experience and work with a  variety of tools, we have developed a dynamic approach to match needs and drive value quickly in business.​

​Our approach is to find, document, implement, and track the changes
that deliver big positive results, quickly.  


In order to create the most value possible, there must be alignment between where the company plans to go and the activities of the people and resources within it. Small improvements in alignment produce big long term results.


Lack of accountability hurts a business. It's what's missing when you find yourself scratching your head wondering what went wrong. Even once identified, we often struggle to find the capacity or are able to deliver the consistency to fix it. The fastest increases in productivity and performance usually happen once ongoing accountability is in place. Accountability doesn't mean performance reviews, reporting or cascading goals. It means everyone doing the right thing when no one is watching. It's balancing cultural and commercial results whilst caring for customers in better ways.


Business is not a sprint, it's a marathon. It does you no good to take off in a rush at the start of a marathon. Building something sustainable is always the goal. Regardless of whether you plan to run forever or sell in the next few years, sustainability adds important value and success to your business.


Over the years, we've evaluated and implemented a variety of resources.  We've explored what's out there and continue to research because that's who we are. Kerage uses the world's best business tools to quickly create value and improve performance. When it comes to implementation, we only choose the most practical, dynamic and efficient tools to ensure they truly match what you need to maximize results. 

No matter the obstacle to success, we help you find the KERAGE to move forward.
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