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W(h)ine & Zoom - Episode 1

Welcome to W(H)INE & ZOOM - our weekly check-in to bring some Kerage in times of stress and need!

The last week and month has seen huge changes for all of us globally. Our work lives have changed. Our personal lives have changed. Our social lives have changed. Our relationships have changed. However, what we know is that humans are resilient, and when we are faced with a collective challenge, it is our responsibility to help each other strive and overcome.

During this time of doubt and fear, Kerage is offering an opportunity for us to connect, partner, spread the love, and provide relief.

We’ve developed a virtual check-in format that we think you’ll like and can use for your own teams & tribes to connect, de-stress, and support each other even more, even from home…. and a great excuse for a mid-week happy hour (not that you needed an excuse!).

Our first happy hour is today, then each week, grab a glass and join us for W(H)INE & ZOOM WEDNESDAYS! We’ll post the videos on our sites and socials earlier in the day so you can join & enjoy whenever it suits you!

Cheers! xx


Happy Day by Mixaund |


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