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Kerageous Individuals: Jay and Sam Nehra

To kick off our Kerageous Individuals series, we would like to introduce you to our first honorees, Jay and Sam Nehra. 

We have known them for about six years now. Time flies when you are having fun and these guys bring the fun, plus so much more! Their ambition is admirable and contagious. Jay is a beloved science teacher and all around genius. Sam is a wizard when it comes to people in business and an artist in the world of human dynamics. 

Coming together to raise their family and live the best life possible, they have worked successfully in their respective careers and challenged themselves, and each other, to achieve exciting milestones in a variety of ways: one having done a talk at TEDx Seven Mile Beach and the other being the Mistress of Ceremonies for TEDx (We’ll let you decide who did what!), and there is so much more. Jay and Sam met many moons ago as they traveled the world, and they have stayed together ever since. Their life together started on an adventure, and that has always been an important part of who they are. In the past year, they made a big decision, and have worked through all the logistics to share that adventure and experience with their two fabulously intelligent and creative daughters. On August 20th, 2016, The Nehra’s will set off to begin a new adventure. It’s called the Radical Sabbatical – Life in a Tin Can, and it’s going to take this amazing family on a fantastic journey. The context for the trip is learning as the family buys an RV and tours Europe over the next year.  We will be following their journey closely to learn vicariously through their adventures, and would like to invite you to do the same. Please join us as we wish The Nehra’s Bon Voyage and thank them for being Kerageous and inspiring us to do what we can to live the life we want, even though it might seem challenging, take us out of our comfort zone, and even scare us a little.


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