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Press Release: Announcing CaymanHR and changes to the Kerage team

We're glad to share with our Kerage community, the following press release regarding Heather's new initiatives and some changes on our team:

Announcing its launch in July, “CaymanHR” will provide businesses in Cayman with access to all of the benefits of having an internal HR Manager, without the overhead of employing someone full-time.

There are many reasons to have an HR Manager on staff, including providing on-site support from someone who understands the culture and will keep personnel matters confidential. However, for many businesses, having a full time HR Manager just isn’t viable.

Efficiently and intelligently managing human resources is critical to your company's success. So, it's vital to find a service provider with access to the right mix of services.

Benefits of outsourcing to CaymanHR include:

· Freeing up your time to do what you do best,

· Saving money whilst gaining the expertise of a professional you won’t have to train or provide with benefits,

· Reducing the chance of legal issues or penalties for non-compliance with local labour laws,

· Showing your employees that you care about their needs by hiring HR professionals, which works wonders

for their morale, and

· Gaining access to a toolbox of products and materials and a broader network of service providers helping

you maximize your growth.

CaymanHR will get to know your business and your people and make it their business to unlock your potential. To learn more, visit

Kerage team members (from left to right) Sara Jan, Heather Halsey, Karen Kersey, celebrating Heather's new business adventures


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